The naked heroes behind ‘The vodka with nothing to hide’

We won’t lie to you. A few of the executives at Absolut were a bit nervous when the new campaign ‘The Vodka With Nothing To Hide’ launched in February. After all, the film features 28 employees who bare all to show the transparency in the production of the iconic Absolut Vodka. However, in hindsight and considering the positive reactions the campaign received, it’s safe to say that their worries were unfounded.

But what about the employees featuring in the film? They must surely have thought twicebefore appearing naked? Well, there is no better way to find out than asking them. This is Anna’s, Frederic’s, Hanna’s and Anette’s thoughts on featuring in the campaign and the reactions it got.

First of all – Why?

Hanna: We all know that working on fun and unusual projects can give you extra energy and boost your team spirit, and this was definitely the most unusual project I’ve been asked to work on during my six years here at Absolut. For me, it was a no-brainer to feature. Whatever Absolut does is usually very well thought through, and since we are really conscious about how we present the brand I felt confident enough, both individually and as part of the Absolut brand.

Anette: I wanted to contribute to the authenticity of the story we were telling through the campaign. Initially, a majority of the people who signed up were young and really fit. In my opinion, that didn’t really reflect the reality. So, I thought “I’ve been better looking, my days of working out are over and I’m 48 years old – let’s add to the diversity.” I also like a challenge, and since I’m not very comfortable with my own nudity it was also about overcoming a personal fear.

Frederic: I was actually challenged by my colleagues. We were in a meeting when they said they would feature if I, being their boss, would do so too. I didn’t need too much persuasion, so after a while we were all signed up to appear naked in the campaign.

Anna: For me, it was all about spreading Absolut’s message. This fantastic product, its quality and the genuine work in sustainability we do here cannot be stressed and repeated enough. I want the world to know this! Also, the fact that the film would have a subtle and humorous approach made it even more interesting for me.

So tell us about the day of shooting.

Anna: The final scene was shot on a cold day in September, so the time between takes were spent in bathrobes in one of our meeting rooms. A very unusual day at work, to say the least! It was intense, surreal and very fun at the same time.

Anette: I had butterflies in my stomach all morning. I was a bit nervous being nude at first, but I got used to it after a while. It turned out to be a very fun day after all. 

Hanna: It was cold, rainy and full of retakes, but the overall atmosphere was really good and everyone was happy. During the takes, everything was a bit surreal. Wherever you looked you could see naked bodies in weird positions and situations; one person jumping a trampoline, another one playing the tuba and yet another one sitting on a ladder. I agree, it was a very unusual day at work!

What were the reactions when the campaign launched?

Frederic: It’s been all positive reactions. If they told us they would shoot another film tomorrow, I think even more people would want to feature.

Hanna: I agree. All the colleagues and friends I have spoken to have been very positive.

Anette: A few of our colleagues might be a bit fed up with us now. We had a very exciting day and we often talk about the experience. But it was a huge deal for us, and everyone think we were brave. I still haven’t met anyone who has said a negative thing about the campaign or its message.

Anna: Only positive feedback for me as well. Some friends have asked me if I featured in the film and seeing their reaction when I tell them I did is priceless. Even the staff at my children’s preschool asked me!